Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy

Weartech is committed to minimizing risks to human health and the environment in and around the workplace. More specifically, Weartech is dedicated to maintaining the health and safety of its employees, customers and neighbors, as well as preserving the integrity of our environment. This commitment is supported by management and is the individual and collective responsibility of all Weartech employees.

We will achieve these goals through our EHS system and strive for continual improvement by :

  • Education and training to institutionalize EHS values throughout the company.
  • Setting EHS objectives & targets and monitoring progress to improve employee health and safety and reduce adverse environmental impacts.
  • Raising EHS awareness of all employees and stressing personal accountability throughout organization.
  • Complying with or exceeding all applicable and corporate EHS regulatory requirements.
  • Conserving natural resources through pollution prevention, energy conservation and waste minimization.

Quality Policy

We are committed to delivering to our customers, the best quality products that meet customer requirements, on time through continuous manufacturing and service improvements.

We will achieve these goals through our qualities system and strive for continual improvement by :

  • Education and training to implement and standardize Quality Policy system values throughtout the company
  • Providing a framework for establishing and reviewing Weartech International's quality objectives
  • Reviewing and updating quality policies to ensure that it continuously fulfils its purpose and is suitable for the organization
  • Complying with the stated requirements, while continuously measured to determine its effectiveness

Form 9.7-1EN Rev A